Sweetener 100% natural organic yacon syrup 250g

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The syrup of Yacon Bio is a plant which is close to the family of the sunflower.

This product adapts to the galette dukan

The Yacon is a plant with a stem which can go until 2 meters and with a root, tuber, having a slightly sweetened taste close to the apple and the watermelon.

It is native to the Andes Mountains, at heights of 2000m.

Yacon contains fructo-oligosaccharides or oligofructose, therefore with a sweet taste but which are not assimilated by our body, they act as prebiotics and contribute to the good health of the intestinal flora.

Its main asset is therefore to be able to sweeten dishes and desserts while controlling the blood sugar level. Ideal when you want to lose a few pounds and support your flora.

People who cannot take sugar can use it because its glycemic index is very low.

The harvest of Ecoideas’ Organic Yacon comes from small producers who are in the process of transforming themselves towards a fair market certification (procedure in progress).

The syrup is of raw quality with a vacuum manufacturing at a temperature not exceeding 42°C.



Raw quality yacon syrup (Smallanthus sonchifolius) from organic farming certified by Ecocert

The manufacture of this syrup does not exceed 42°C

Origin : Peru


Nutritional Facts:



This product in strong method
This product in a gentle method

*As part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.